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With the realisation that 56 million credit cards were exposed in the most recent, and to date largest, reported data breach in history Home Depot has taken the crown. That's roughly 1/4 of the entire adult population of US and Canada!

1 in 4 adults are "sharing" their credit cards with someone right now. Maybe we should form citizen credit patrols to help guard ourselves. A credit card neighborhood watch system?!
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What are the heuristics of a "platform"?

A platform is...
a solid foundation for occupants.
a place to aggregate multiple, complex, functions into a single utility.
a natural point of social aggregation, connection, and interaction.
a multidisciplinary (transdisciplinary?) nexus.
an intellectual site.
the confluence of data and analytics.

Here is a post about platforms that I found pretty compelling, which elaborates on what a platform is... .

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Here is an interesting take on why large corporations have trouble responding to change, even when the opportunity or threat is clear.

..."outdated or outmoded management approaches, poor metrics, disenfranchised front line, lack of diversity, intolerance [or inability to learn from] failure"

It's not just corporate giants that have trouble dealing with this. Any organization that has a "front line" should beware. Truthfully, it is difficult to balance the demand for organizations to change with the need to find consistency in their operations. It's interesting that this author (finally) identifies the person at the top as the person who bears the ultimate responsibility for this kind of failure.
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In "The New Economics of Innovation" Serious Play author Michael Schrage writes that "quantitative differences create qualitative differences". He means that today, when there is a quantitative difference in what you do that can be recognized then it has the potential to change how you do it.
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NET-A-PORTER has a maps feature that shows you what other people around the world are looking at. I saw it today and I thought to myself It's too bad they didn't give a damn about designing a nice UX.

Although it's not well implemented at all but I think it's the right idea. Sure - the graphics are clumsy, google maps integration is a mess, and a non-existant UI would be an improvement but its a smart idea for an online department store. Observability is an important tool for brick-and-mortar retail stores. Without it online retailers miss an important part of the sales game. I could imagine something like this nicely integrated into a product detail page.
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This is why I love teaching. Particularly in the AMT MFADT Program at Parsons. WHat you have here is a group of students gathered around the beautiful consistency of an LCD display backlight that had been taken out of it's housing. The pure joy of discovery, fascination with technology, and excitement of what can be done with their confluence. Sweet joy!
'DT Moths to the flame - why I love teaching!/
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All are invited to attend this special panel discussion about cities and their stories at Parsons the New School for Design.

Cities, Time, and Narratives AMPLIFIED

Mediation and globalization have splintered the histories of cities. In their place we’ve received constantly changing, ever appearing, narratives with competing claims on the future. In Dubai Amplified Stephen Ramos reveals an opportunity to question, complicate, and interrogate these post-narratives. He portrays the unique relationship between cities and time through the story of one such place. This panel will expand this notion across three cities: Dubai, Las Vegas, and Bangkok and explore how competing narratives reveal a deeper understanding of the contemporary urban moment and can help shape its future.
Cities, Time, and Narratives AMPLIFIED

Stephen Ramos, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Brian McGrath, Parsons the New School for Design
Aseem Inam, Parsons the New School for Design

Moderated by:
Scott Pobiner, Parsons the New School for Design

Tuesday, February 8th - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Theresa Lang Community and Student Center Arnhold Hall
55 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor

No RSVP is necessary but space is limited, arrive early.
'Cities, Time, and Narratives AMPLIFIED' **click this thumbnail for full-size image**
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... and this is the result...

'Twitter Neighbors'

So many one-liners here...

  • A priest, a queen, and a despot tweet...

  • "Twitter is awesome! We can speak on behalf of [people] we've never met and they can't talk back or correct us! ... Oh... right that's what we do..."

  • Wouldn't it be great if they were actually neighbors?!

  • Sometimes things just fall into place... and sometimes that's not really a good thing.
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Can you build a chain-link fence around a cultural problem?

Time and time again it seems that people think that installing a large fence can solve a problem... time and again the fence fails to change anything.

On a recent visit to Cornell I saw the Campus' newest architectural addition. Not Rem's Big Box, which looks to be coming along nicely. What I saw were ribbons of chain-link fence throughout the campus - from the arboretum to collegetown.

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I'm running 3 workshop sessions at the New York Tech Brooklyn Educational Opportunities Center (BEOC) in June. With Faculty and Support Staff we will work to develop common objectives and to reframe their relationship to technology procurement, implementation, and use. In preparation for these sessions I've written two position statements that the respective groups will respond to with questions that we will work on during the sessions. Statements after the jump...

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